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Habib Insurance brings you more than 70 years of heritage, trust and financial stability 

With over seven decades of experience in the insurance sector, a sound underwriting policy and the best reinsurance arrangements with top companies including Hannover Re, Scor Re, Korean Re, Trust Re, Best Re and Pakistan Reinsurance Co. Ltd, we have earned the reputation of being extremely profitable and liquid. We are committed and equipped to offer the same levels of service and expertise in the field of insurance, that we are renowned for in the world of finance and banking. It has always been our mandate to be the best we can in any venture we undertake, and the Insurance business is a good example of that. 

Habib Insurance Company

Established in 1942, Habib Insurance is one of the groups oldest companies in the group. For over 70 years, our policyholders rely on us for trustworthy, personal  service, security, and peace of mind. Through the years, Habib Insurance Company Limited has consolidated itself, raising capital through the issuance of bonus shares and has established itself as one of the leading insurance companies in Pakistan. Our wide range of insurance products offer maximum protection, backed by unparalleled claim service, work-saving technology initiatives. and competitive products, rates and compensation.


Greenshield Insurance Brokers LLC UAE

Incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Greenshield Insurance has the ability to provide a choice of the world best insurance rates for a variety of products like life, medical and commercial.  We are committed to maintaining the same high standards that clients have come to expect from the Habib Group. In an increasingly complex insurance market, both companies and consumers are faced with many decisions about what type, level and combination of cover to choose. Greenshield Insuranceoffers General, Medical & Life, Aviation and Specialist lines of insurance for both individuals and business.

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