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Bank AL Habib  awarded Leading Trade   Partner  2017 by Asian Development Bank  

By God's grace, ever since the incorporation of Habib Bank in 1941 the name Habib has been associated with banking in Pakistan and throughout the world. After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Habib Bank moved its headquarters to Karachi, Pakistan's first capital. This gave Karachi its first commercial bank of the newly formed Pakistan. Today the group manages banking in Pakistan, Europe, Africa and the Middle East with its unrelenting focus on customer trust and service.

Bank AL Habib

Bank AL Habib commenced operations in 1992 and embodies the same high standards of integrity, prudence, and trust which have characterized Habib Family's banking operations in Pakistan and abroad for about 70 years. The bank is particularly conscious of the trust reposed in it by the depositors, and its prime duty is to protect and honour this trust all times. Guided by the values taught and practiced by Habib Esmail more than a century ago, the bank has continued to grow and progress in all areas of its operations. In a short span of 25 years, the Bank's assets have grown to more than Rs. 750 Billion, with a network of 637 branches and sub-branches, a Wholesale Branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia and Representative Offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Beijing, China.

Based in Tanzania, East Africa, Habib African Bank compliments our global banking network, catering to clients with business interests in the Middle East North African region.  Habib African Bank provides customers with the very best and most extensive banking services.

Habib African Bank 

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Habib Overseas bank provides a full range of banking and financial services and compliments our banking network around the world. With Africa's market growing at unprecedented rates, the bank continues to help its customers take advantage of the expanding markets.

Habib Overseas Bank 

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