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Equity Brokerage & Research

AL Habib Capital Markets Limited, offers a competitive range of brokerage services to meet each of our client’s individual trading needs. We provide our brokers the financial tools that allow them to access up-to-the-minute investment analytics and superior research through our relationships with leading financial institutions. Our research analysts have diverse financial and industry backgrounds that help them better understand the companies within the sectors that they follow.

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Asset Management

At Habib Asset Management, with our equity and money market funds, you get the best of both worlds: our sophisticated investment planning tools, along with our professional resources to help match your investment objectives with customized solutions. Although our clients are as diverse as the investment opportunities we offer, they all have one thing in common — they all share a need for financial peace-of-mind as they pursue their life goals.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Based out of Toronto, Canada i5 Capital’s primary objective with our investments, is to enhance shareholder value through growth and asset appreciation, with the ultimate result being to realize returns through sustained dividend payouts year after year.

We do everything we can to create a platform designed to help existing management enjoy the freedom to focus on growth and business development. After acquisition, our participation continues during and after the initial process of growth, providing the new management with the resources they need to manage that growth.

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Financial Services, Fund Management and Investments

Managing money and investments has always been a part of the culture of the group since the beginnings. Our stock brokerage provides are customers with efficient executions of trades in the equity markets. For investors looking at growth and return, our asset management division maintains a traditional and conservative risk profile offering clients with sustaining returns, while our private equity group focuses on growth and helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.