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Over 140,000 Litres of Ethanol is produced daily at Habib Sugar Mills. This alcohol-based alternative fuel can be blended with gasoline to produce a fuel with a higher octane rating and fewer harmful emissions than unblended gasoline. Overall, ethanol is considered to be better for the environment than gasoline.  Ethanol fueled vehicles produce lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions, and the same or lower levels of hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen emissions. It is also exported to Europe for a variety of purposes which include Petroleum & Pharmaceuticals.

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Carbon Dioxide CO2

In addition to other products, Habib Sugar Mills  is also a major producer of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which is sold to many industries across Pakistan with applications that range from the use in beverages, refrigeration and food preservation.

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Bulk Storage Terminals

Our Bulk Storage terminal provides storage facilities for commodities like Molasses, Ethanol, and Edible oils. It is located at the busiest and largest port in Karachi. The facility provides an essential service with efficient management of cargo for import and export purposes

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Bio Fuels

Habib Sugar Mills was one of the first mills in Pakistan to manufacture industrial alcohol in 1967. Over the years this process was further enhanced and today we are one of the largest producers of Ethanol Fuel in Pakistan. We have further diversified into the manufacture of Carbon Dioxide and our bulk storage facilities at the port are used to store commodities for import and export purposes